What is NIPAAW?

Join Us! Kick off on National Indigenous Peoples Day

The intent of this annual week event is to promote physical activity within our urban and rural Indigenous communities through organizing several simple and fun initiatives. IPACC would like to support your community or organization to “kick-off” the National Indigenous Physical Activity Awareness week. Therefore, we have created a NIPAAW Toolkit to support you along with a seven-day campaign to be physically active across Canada. Please find the NIPAAW Toolkit as a PDF at the bottom of this page.

The theme for NIPAAW’s campaign is:


We are hoping to inspire communities, organizations, groups, and teams to have 7 days of fun-filled physical activity and to share their stories, photos and/or ideas to help inspire others to join in the week and “Show Us Your Active Spirit”. The NIPAAW Toolkit will help you start your own 7 days of activity. Follow IPACC on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to be updated on NIPAAW including upcoming contests, ideas on how to stay active, and as a place to share how you are showing your active spirit! Please check out our social media sites for more information.

Please take a look at the toolkit and feel free to distribute with your contacts. We would be happy to discuss this or any other inquires you might have. We can be reached at
Physical activity is great for the whole family as it improves both health and well-being, and is FUN!. Let’s remind our communities that being active doesn’t have to be just running laps and working out. The more people we can get to be physically active the healthier our communities will grow to be, so…


Let’s Move Canada!
Let’s get active from coast to coast to coast for 243,042 hours!



Partnering with Strava, Canadians will join forces to complete a single, large goal over 19 days from June 3 to June 21.

By walking, jogging, canoeing, dancing and more — in the city, through nature or on the water — together Canadians will move total of 243,042 hours from National Health and Fitness Day (June 3, 2023) to National Indigenous People’s Day (June 21, 2023).

Why 243,042? It’s the length of Canada’s coastline! We have the longest coast in the world and we want to make Canada the fittest nation in the world.

Canadians can participate as individuals or a group. They just have to download the free Strava app and join our Challenge.

During this period, IPACC will host National Indigenous Physical Activity Awareness Week (NIPAAW), which happens between June 14 – June 21, 2023.

In addition to tracking your activity time in Strava, take a picture and post it to Facebook and Instagram with the hashtag: #LetsMoveCanada, #BougeonsCanada and register for a daily draw.

Tag us in your photo @letsmovecanada!

 Join the challenge HERE!

Let’s Move Canada!

The Indigenous Physical Activity and Cultural Circle, and the Canadian Health and Fitness Institute have created a collective challenge, where Canadians join forces to complete a single, large goal over 19 days from June 3 to June 21

Plan your own NIPAAW!

Please download and share the IPACC National Indigenous Physical Activity Awareness Week Toolkit to learn the steps to creating your own NIPAA Week!

Shannon Field, a registered Kinesiologist and Metis graduate student, developed a toolkit to support friends, families, and communities to be physically active together through a variety of traditional Indigenous games. This toolkit has been designed to be inclusive, so that everyone can join in!