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1 week ago

Indigenous Physical Activity & Cultural Circle
With the Active Spirit Walk/Run kicking off this weekend, we want to remind everyone just how important incorporating a warm-up and cool down with your running or walking is for your well-being, safety and performance. If you need some inspiration or guidance, we have compiled a guide to highlight some key upper body and lower body stretches/movements for you to try out! We’ve also shared the differences between dynamic and static stretching, and indicated the appropriate times for these respective movements. Check them out and let us know what you think about the guide!#Indigenous #IPACC #Virtual #ActiveSpirit #Walk #Run #2km #5km #10km See MoreSee Less
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Today is our second day of Active Spirit Run and Walk. Has everyone got the chance to do their 2k, 5k, or even 10k run/walk?

We are highlighting one of the Indigenous running champions Lyric Atchison. Check out her stories!


Check out our warm-up and cool-down techniques and let us know what you think about the guide!
#Indigenous #IPACC #Virtual #ActiveSpirit #Walk #Run #2km #5km #10km

Do you feel that your workouts are too time-consuming? Are you looking to do something new with your run/walk routine? Follow these different training protocols that benefit both elite and novice athletes!
#hitt #runningcommunity #sprintintervaltraining #athletetraining #ipacc

Loretta Tuttauk & Sonja Wicklum

Evaluating the impact of a community-based wellness program for Indigenous women through a nominal group consensus-building approach.

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Dano Thorne

The role of Traditional Teachings in Indigenous Athletes and Sport and Recreation Development

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