Virtual Events

Throughout the year, IPACC also hosts many smaller-scale virtual events with the intent of promoting physical activity. These virtual events can be done on your own time, with your family and friends, or with your community as well!

Virtual Health and Fitness Challenge

The main purpose of this challenge is to keep you motivated with your fitness and health goals and create a partner, IPACC, who you may be accountable to.

There will be two reports required for this Challenge:

PRE AND POST MEASUREMENT REPORT: measurements will be taken for height, weight, circumference of waist, hips, right thigh, right arm and chest, current level of fitness.

WEEKLY REPORTING: will monitor intake of desert, pop, coffee, and screen time. As well, included in the weekly report will be your number of meals, protein, calcium-rich foods, water intake, and hours of sleep, which will provide IPACC with information on improvements in your dietary and lifestyle habits.

IPACC feels this challenge will be great for promoting a healthy lifestyle. This will be fun for all involved and an opportunity to focus on physical fitness, healthy lifestyles and the promotion of wellness.

Virtual Active Spirit Community Walk & Run

Our next Virtual Active Spirit Community Walk & Run will be April 2nd to April 4th, 2021.

Check out our Eventbrite page and Strava account for more information! Link Here:

Depending on the time of year and our availability, IPACC also holds either an in-person or virtual active spirit community walk & run. The distances vary from 2km, 5km, or 10km, which cater to most community members from families looking for a community walk to the competitive athlete aiming for a more challenging run.

Our in-person runs are typically done on the on the unceded Musqueam traditional territory in Vancouver, BC. For virtual runs, we ask participants to sign up on Strava to track their distances.

Stay tuned on our website or our Facebook page for details about our next Active Spirit Community Walk & Run!